Modern Fabric Pop Up Wall


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Product Features:

* New and Fresh design, NO DETACHABLE PART, just pull and use, convenient for tradeshow and roadshow.
* Graphics printed 250gsm Nylon (code#CP-250gWD) with sewn velcro at back


Frame size available:
code 3*2F : front graphic only 152.4Wcm + 2 side covers - 35cmW each side
code 3*3F : front graphic only 228Wcm + 2 side covers -35cmW each side (curve frame is available)
code 3*4F : front graphic only 302.5Wcm + 2 side covers - 35cmW each side

* Each set includes printing of graphic, pop up frame (no extra part), and a carry bag
* Turnaround: 7 days (excluding delivery/shipping time)

Artwork file should be provided in whole piece and no need to separate the panels.
Please avoid important text at the unvisible side of the endcaps.

If any discrepancy between the English & the Chinese text, the English version will apply and prevail.


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