What is large format digital printing?

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What is large format digital printing?
Digital printing is a kind of printing methods which print a digital-based source to a variety of substrates.  Digital printing in fact has a higher cost than traditional offset printing methods, but it allows small run jobs and even printing 1 pc only, apart from minimum order run as required by traditional offsets.  Digital printing uses large-format printers to print desktop publishing and other digital sources. Functioning similar to your home printer, large-format digital printers can print more than 1 meter wide substrates.  The quicker turnaround time and lower cost resulted from digital printing indeed cause a loss of some fine-image detail by most commercial digital printing processes. The most popular substrates of digital printing include paper, photo paper, canvas, PVC stickers, plastic film, and other substances.   Flatbed digital printing can also print on substrates like metal, tiles, glass, wood etc.
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